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Friday, April 9, 2010

the worlds worst Gardener !

I like simple & elegant

As the worlds worst Gardener, yes I killed my green thumb years ago...I have been asked to design the garden for one of my building design projects...even though I find this a greater challenge (house design is so much easier) I love that they have enough trust in me to design a beautiful garden ....

have a wonderful weekend ...I'm off to find my Australian Garden Index Book

oxo Cate

1. & 2. unfortunately I do not know were these beautiful photos have come from. If you do I would love to link them to the artist...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

i 'am back

I hope you have had a wonderful Easter Break and didn't follow my example and EAT yourself Fat with chocolate....yumm

I have been enjoying beach life recharging, eating and relaxing long walks on the beach with my beautiful family and a crazy dog...

While we were away, the decision was made... it's time to rebuild our beautiful but very old beach house. She is about 40 years old and even though she has had a few nip and tucks over the years, its time. Queensland Beach houses of this generation were built out of shamphor board ( concrete board - i think the spelling is write?) and a wonky ruler, she is well passed the renovating stage... I actually love the floor plan and the beachy vibe so I intend to keep all her charm just newer with less dust.

as you would expect I have a file this (deep) full of ideas and ideas...I cannot wait to get started...
oxo Cate

1. crazy bunny 2. flicker 3. four seasons maldives 4.molly frey(love this!)