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Saturday, February 6, 2010

the new white kitchen

I have become completely absolutely obsessed with these Fabulous Duck Egg Blue Kitchens...I was thinking my shabby but chic beach house was in need of a make-over but know I have decide maybe a complete renovate is in order, starting with a coastal duck egg inspired kitchen. In the mean time a girl will have to dreaming....
oxo Cate quack quack

1. veranda 2. plain english kitchen via vt interiors3.markwilkinson via vt interiors 4.altanta homes mag 5.beautiful homes 6.via dasiy pink cupcake & home


  1. OH MY!! THAT is my MOST favorite color!!!!
    I'm like a moth to the flame......
    and I have NOTHING of any note in our home (other than eggs) that is my beloved color----
    It's good spring inspiration!

  2. It's a gorgeous colour, I really love the first pic.

  3. Dear Cate,
    I love that first picture and I have had the second one stored for ages as I love it. You might know already but thr F & M is a Fortnum and Mason hamper. I don't know why I'm telling you that because it's got nothing to do with anything !!!!!!
    I love all of the kitchens....dream about them of course, but it will be reality soon. XXXX

  4. That last picture is so amazing!! Love it & love the pantry door. New to your blog & eager to check it out!!


  5. Loving this post ... and duck egg blue - just started following your wonderful blog, I look forward to reading more :)

  6. Nothing at all wrong with dreaming about these Cate. It's easy to obsess over duck egg blue I think.

  7. HI Cate
    Dream away.. well the last kitchen is my pic of the day.. minus the tiled benchtop which does nothing for me.. haha.. but the rest of that room is fabulous !! particularly the screened pantry door!!

    Have a great weekend dreaming!! xxx Julie

  8. Love love love these kitchens!

  9. those kitchens are fantastic! mostly lovely white with small doses or big accents in robins egg blue just have the perfect balance of clean crispness and yummy softness...


  10. I do believe these people broke into my mind and created my dream kitchen. Holy smokes!

    Glad I found your's a gem!

  11. Knowing how your previous kitchens have looked after a Cate makeover, I can guarantee whatever you do to your beachhouse will be spectacular!
    Millie ^_^


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