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Friday, July 8, 2011

the humble hall table

you have to love this one ...look ginger jars the zebra just works so well

this is definitely my personal favorite...

I love the personality this humble piece of furniture can bring to a room

Stay happy & Safe

Cate oxo

1.bowers sweden 2.stuart membray 3.unknown 4.pottery barn 5.coco republic


  1. I love the combination of the dark wood console with the zebra and blue and white china...gorgeous!!

  2. Cate, you are my twin!! I love everything you have chosen.. xxRuth

  3. Hi there Cate,
    It's so lovely to see you back. I hope that it's lots of work that has kept you busy but hope that you have had time for yourself too.
    Beautiful interior images, and would love to have a hall as large as the one in the first picture !!
    Looking forward to more of your inspiration. Much love. XXXX


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