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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I went to the Fair....

I have just returned from the Melbourne Gift Fair. My mission was to source and purchase enough beautiful furniture and housewares for my 2 display homes. My mission was VERY,VERY successful and included these two very cute owls who decided to fly home with me..I had a hoot of a time!

now all I have to do is wait for all my boxes to arrive...hey !!!!

Cate oxo


  1. They are so cute! I bet they will be very happy in their new home.

    Best wishes,

  2. Hi Cate,
    Such dear little owls that will find a place in your display homes. I hope that we see some of your other purchases too.
    Sorry that I've missed a couple of your posts. I seem to have been rather busy this summer. XXXX

  3. Love the owls...can't wait to see your other goodies!!

  4. Bonjour Cate, Love the owls and am also looking forward to seeing the other "goodies".

    Leeann x

  5. They're adorable!!!


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