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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

is it too early for christmas

                            is it too early to start planning your Christmas present?....I think not !

                                      planning is the key to everything we to plan ~ plan to fail.

                                          and there will be a certain amount of saving to do....

                                                                    and selections to make....

                                               and perhaps even a holiday to plan for....

Happy Merry Christmas planning...Cate xox


  1. Its never too early for christmas! I've already started dreaming about my presents too.. :-) And my tree is up already.

  2. I love that your Christmas tree is already up...

  3. It really is creeping up now isn't it?! Love your blog, just stumbled across it :)

    Abbey x

  4. Dear Cate,
    Welcome home! No it's not too early! It feels like Christmas already to me. The year has been such a hard one I think I am ready to let go and play with magic sooner than later:)


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