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Monday, March 23, 2009

reno # 2 Laundry

... this is what I had to work with...

... I love the thought of open cupboards and these colours

... underbench washing machine & dryer for more bench space

... small working/hobby area for mum

...and this is were I would like to end up. The Laundry in the Reno is way to small to fit all my ideas into, so I have double the size(plus a bit) adding a lot more cupboards and storage. I then want each member of the family to have a locker for the clean washing, ironing, school bags etc and perhaps even a place for the dog ( yes... I have seen this done before !)
Since Mums tend to spend a lot for time in the Laundry, I think it should look as beautiful as possible.
oxo Cate


  1. that last image is my idea of a dream room! gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I'm saving that one to file!!!

  2. Love it!! I love that idea of making a really special place out of your laundry room. Seeings how we are chained to it the rest of our lives, it should look damn good!!! :)
    Your work is amazing. Do you have a wesbite with your portfolio?

  3. how much did the renos to the laundry in total cost ?


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