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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

French Twist...

Would you call this style French with a twist?...

I can see myself waking up in this beautiful bedroom, rolling over and going back to sleep, waking up later with a hot cup of Tea on a silver tray...

... I would NEVER find these GORGEOUS Ginger jars in a shop near me...I would love to hear from anyone who could direct me to a shop that would sell them?( in Australia please)

Isn't the subtle touches of blue just perfect ... loving the Japanese inspired ceramic stools. This beautiful home is the work of Interior Designer Shannon Bowers.

oxo Cate


  1. Cate!!!!! They are all so beautiful. And ethereal. I would think I woke up in heaven. A blue heaven! You might try Anna Spiro [Absolutely Beautiful Things] or Lily-G blogs. Both have shops in Brisbane and I am sure both have mentioned they stock different variations of Ginger Jars.

  2. So clean so french so YOU!! Cate, you make me crazy. I love every single vision you create and show us~

  3. Ginger jars are superb, I love the ceramic stools too, have seen some white ones which are heavenly, but can't remember where. Loving your blog.

  4. Beautiful pictures Cate, love the sentiments with each one .... mmmm I could wake up there with a hot cup of tea too!


  5. I see you are at the light obsession stage. Mine lasted for about 9 months. Thankfully I had lots of bloggy support. I'm in the closet again now but my light obsession will surface again on my next project soon. Love all these images.... French with touches of blue.. my absolute favourite... A-M xx

  6. Thanks for the tip Julie, I am on the phone...

  7. Love B&W Jars. Check some on my side bar.
    All pictures are so soft and romantic.


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