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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

stop dreaming...washing day

this is the best Washing Powered I have found. You can do the washing and look after the environment all at the same guilt free !!!!

How day I am on an Island in the Maldives and the next I am designing a Laundry...the story of my life ~ I am not complaining I would love any of these Laundry's at my house.
oxo Cate
P.S : Quick Reno undate: All my Granite Bench tops arrive at the end of this week...exciting...I have also booked a date for the Carpet to be installed and arranged the Cleaners for the final builders clean...
Landscapers are here Now and my poor Tiler ~ hes not very well at the moment ~ is still working!! We have been thinking about the Real Estate Agent...the best person to sell my House!!!... why is this the hardest part of the whole process!!!!



  1. Honey ... I'm thinking of the Maldives ... still. But hey, these are gorgeous laundries. I use a natural powder too, I cannot stand the strong smell of regular ones anyway, besides the enviroment problems.

    Oh how exciting re the house, keep us posted.

  2. Cate, sounds like you have exciting times ahead with the house :-)

    Mr FF and I have just been looking at your laundry photos - they are gorgeous. Not enough room here but will bear them in mind for the next house.

    Bon courage,

    Leeann x

  3. Gorgeous laundry rooms, love them!

    Sounds busy at your house, hang in there!


  4. Designing laundries may just be the ticket to the Maldives. Any one of those would be fine by me. I would actually enjoy doing the laundry.

  5. Who would have thought a Laundry could be so much fun!

  6. Hey Cate, thanks for the welcome back,and ironic that you are doing a laundry room post....I hate buying washing machines, fridges etc...really boring but re your question on my iron, it's the best thing I've ever bought...they cost a bit more but they are brilliant...XXXX

  7. So crisp & fresh! As Always from you!

  8. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the laundry rooms! I am pretty sure laundry would be much more fun in one of these beautiful rooms!



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