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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


photo ~ by me
I am tiring to keep my new years resolution of Harmony, Nurturing & Calm....
so far so good....
oxo Cate
p.s camping was cancelled on the weekend...due to the lack of interest (from Me...he! he!)


  1. Dear Cate,
    You are obviously harmonious, nurtured and calm due to the fact that you didn't have to go camping !!!! hehe.
    Things could change if the camping issue is raised again though !! XXXX

  2. Poor you - missing out on the camping! I cannot stand it and have a rule which states that I will not go anywhere where you cannot plug in a hairdryer. It seems to have worked as many countries/voyages later I have still to expoerience this thing that they call "camping".

    Leeann x

  3. Never camp... go Glamping that way u will always find somewhere to plug in your hairdryer...Cate
    p.s a colour co-ordinated camp site is always a must...

  4. i laughed when i read this (camping canx!) and the rest of it is fabulous... i am trying to be better... calm... harmonious...aaahhh
    x pam

  5. Lovely pick! I used to go camping by the sea growing up. I wouldn't mind to do it again, in a vintage airstream trailer!

    Maya @ Completely Coastal

  6. Hmmm - glamping could even be a French term too ... I must use that here as well ;-) That looks awfully like a Queensland beach at dusk. I feel a little homesick...

  7. Oh, camping is meant to be harmonious, but only if it's done five star and at the Hilton! Now that's my kinda camping.....


  8. Oh camping is over rated. I hate dirt, especially when you can't wash it off (that does not include gardening, gardening dirt is 'nice' dirt). Smelly, buggy, muggy camping - hate it, hate it, hate it! You did well to show disinterst.

  9. Hey Cate
    Love your photo... very calming... I totally concur with the no camping rule!!.. xx julie

  10. I'm not a camper, but I really like the linen camping/glamping items you show...add a few more lanterns and candles and I might be there.

  11. Definitely as Jacqueline said, harmonious, nurtured and calm thanks to the lack of camping! Hope you managed to get that facial in for a little extra nurturing calmness!


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