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Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Pink Day

After dispatching the family off on their day, I thought it was time for a

the rules are:

1. Under no circumstances is there allowed to be any testosterone...

2. Finishing a Magazine is a must. To be done without interruption...(except when thanking the waiter for your coffee.)

3. Definitely a few hot cups of coffee are involved...and finished

4. Grooming is a must, as there is shopping involved.

5. You are not going to be home in time for "pick up" (children from school) so alternate arrangement's will need to be made.

6. And someone else will have to make Dinner.

7. don't have to engage in retail therapy (But its O.K if you do) just spending the time wondering the shops on your own will energize your 'pre- friezed holiday get kids back to school nerves'.
Have a wonderful 'Pink Day'
oxo Cate ~ P.S... I have had the MOST wonderful day !!! I did spend some money but I saved $150 because the dress was on special.....

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  1. What great rules, I think that I need one too. Love the photos especially the first and the last one and the dress sounds fabulous - I am sure that the reduction clinched the deal.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend,


  2. Oooo , I think that I will arrange myself a Pink Day. Sounds just the job...we have just had another fall of snow here so, one of your Pink Days is just what the doctor ordered.... and the dress situation isn't buying it at all. You got it for free AND you get $150 in your pocket !!!! That's right, isn't it ?!!!
    P.S. I have saved that 2nd photograph, if that's O.K. Cate. It is absolutely beaitiful. XXXX

  3. Oh i love that you saved money buying something. I always get laughed at for saying that.

    Sounds just beautiful, like the pictures posted here.

  4. This is a gorgeous post! Absolutely yummy!
    Cheers H

  5. Yes, I will be doing just that and following all your rules come Monday Morning. Might even throw in a spot of cinema for relaxation purposes to ease tired feet.

  6. Perfect timing! The testosterone is out of the house and I needed JUST that little bit of pink-pick-me-up!

  7. What a great post!!!!
    I love the pink dress and the dinner table with the beautiful( I think Vincent Sheppard ) chairs!!

  8. my idea of pink heaven! what a deep sigh I took when seeing those pink books, love! whenever I am surrounded by pink I cannot help but feel happy and carefree as if was a child eating cotton candy and not caring how I will washing the stains off later..

  9. Sounds like you had a wonderful day Cate... good for you!! xx Julie

  10. Would love to walk through that pink door to drink tea from a pink cup whilst reading those divine pink books. Oh, and a spend-and-save shopping session leaves you completly in-the-pink.

  11. pink door... absolutely beautiful..

  12. My favorite: 3 and 5
    Beautiful images!


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