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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My journey of far...over the past few years I have replaced blogging and my beautiful high heals with gumboots and 'site boots', as my Husband and I had taken on the task of building 25 Town Homes.  This build has had its 'what have we done' moments but generlly it has been a rewarding experiance and hey its what we do.

With this Big project now completed it time to get back to the "Forever House".  Forever because it is taking forever to complete and Forever because once in, I'm never moving again. ( famous last words)

This is the progress so far...its looks like a Modern Concrete Structure and I'm sure all the neighbours think its going to be... 

                                                                   for the heavy lifting...

when actually its going to be more like this..

 well something, sort of, kind of...anyway time will tell...Cate oxo

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  1. Wow, lucky you getting to design your "forever" home from scratch.

    Not sure if I know what a "forever home" is but this is coming from someone who has moved house:country religiously for almost 1/2 of her life :-)


    Leeann x


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