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Monday, July 9, 2012

Shopping...for Roof Tiles

This would have to be the easiest & quickest decision made for the Forever House so far...
Grey or Black for the Roof tile..I choose Grey
I only WISH all the decision's are going to be this easy.

Cate oxo


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  2. It's a good thing that you chose the color grey as the tile color for your roof. You've chosen practicality over luxury, am I right? The grey tile has more reflective elements as compared to the black one, as we all know that lighter colors (in this case, gray is simply a lighter shade of black) reflect heat, and dark colors (black) absorb heat.

    Adam Waterford

  3. Oh, yeah! I love the gray as well! But remember, after putting those tiles on the roof, make sure to check your gutters to check whether some of them had been damaged while you're installing the tiles on your roof. Okay?

    Waldemar Bureau

  4. You’ll never go wrong with grey or black roof tiles! I’ve been looking for a roof tile color and I was inspired by your blog post. How’s your roof now? Are the repairs already finished?

    -Chantay Smithingell

  5. I'd be going for the gray tiles as well! Remember, light colored tiles have stronger reflective properties compared to the dark colored ones. That being said, it should provide you with a cooler and fresher surroundings.

    Lenore Rushford

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