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Friday, June 19, 2009

The Exotic Train Journey..

A long train journey to an exotic land...YES this is how I will be spending my weekend...
(HA!HA!) as I munch on my 3rd. 7th girl guide cookie feeling guilty because I miss gym this morning and haven't even looked at the house NOW I will brake away from Blogland and become wife ,mother, cleaner etc again ...have a great weekend :)
oxo Cate

p.s ~ girl guide cookie packet is now finished !!!


  1. cate, I wish that I was going somewhere exotic too this weekend.
    Instead we will be painting, sanding etc and inbetween times I will manage a quick trip to the hairdressers and may possibly squeeze in a vide grenier/flea market.

    Hope that you and your family have a fabulous weekend and say some of those biscuits for me.

    L x

  2. oops should have said "save" not "say", it is only 8h42 here and my typing is not the best first thing in the morning...

    L x

  3. Hi Cate. Tried to comment this morning but my work pc 'just wou'dn't have it'! Great pic. Imagine how wonderful it would be to travel on the Orient Express. Dreaming Dreaming. Have a great weekend. (i will be doing that long overdue post)

  4. Oh those Girl Guide Cookies are deadly. I have done the same.... a whole packet. What do they expect when they sell you a whole box of 16 packets! A-M xx

  5. HI Cate
    Don't you just love new No.5 AD. (smile)
    Happy weekend!

    J x

  6. Hi Cate, I finally did the tag post and also another new tag 'My Heart' which I have tagged you for!! [see my post for details]. I think we will be all tagged out after this.!! hehe Julue

  7. Gorgeous picture! I should also be putting my various hats on; wife, mother, cleaner (particularly cleaner - this place is a tip!) But quite clearly I'd rather be reading your beautiful blog ;O)

    p.s how lucky to live by the sea; I love the sound of waves crashing. Thanks for stopping by my little corner. x


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