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Monday, June 29, 2009


Julie from being@rubie did a beautiful post on 'My Heart' which is definitely worth a visit to her Blog to read Julie has tagged me. All I have to do is post a photo that best represents my heart. Being a Libra, finding 1 photo was too hard so I had to improvise a bit... here is 'My Heart'...

C ~ Heart loves my inner child...(& so do I)

A ~ Attention to detail (this can drive my Heart crazy!!)

T ~ thinking time (the calmness my crazy Heart needs)

E ~ Entertaining Heart loves to cook (even thought I am not a great cook!)

I would love to cook in this Kitchen

What does your Heart photo look like??? Please let me know...

oxo Cate


  1. How lovely you thought of me Cate! I just love the way you have styled your answer, so chic & elegant, but so genuine & loving too. You & Julie have set the bar very high with your beautiful posts.
    Millie ^_^

  2. Cate.....this post is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE the photos you have chosen.....and that kitchen, oh wow.....and you write beautifully.
    Happy Monday :)

  3. PS Forgot to say thanks for tagging me.....thank you :)

  4. OH Cate. You always have the most wonderful images. I must say I love your inner child - so confident and chic!! he he. What a creative way to show your heart. And thank you for the lovely intro also - Julie@beingruby

  5. I am inspired by my wonderful blog friends...

  6. Love your post, thanks for tagging me.

    Leeann x

  7. You!!! I'm tagging you right back:) Beautiful post! Very creative and calming~ Love your first photo and the third is a dream room for me~

  8. Beautiful Photos!!
    Your blog is just gorgeous!

    p.s: Happy Painting..


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