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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Boys & Maps

I love this look for a Boys room...

Loving the Maps...

and timber...

I have designed 1 of the rooms in the Reno with Maps, I hope it all goes to plan and I don't get lost..

oxo Cate ~ the navigator

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  1. Oh how I do love maps. I did my boys' room and included a large map on the wall. Great pics!

  2. ... the navigator, love it honey!

    More cool maps love them too! Have fun.

  3. It's funny that you have done a post on maps. It is obviously becoming 'the thing to do' at the moment. I was in the pub the other week. It's a really old pub that has just been renovated beautifully. Well,(there is a point to this story, bear with me !! ) I went to the rest room ( as you call it ! ) and above the picture rail was map wallpaper. There, I've finally got to the point !!. Anyway, it looks great. I have taken loads of photos of this pub and might do a post on it. I love the 'map' look and hope we get to see your room when it's done. XXXX

  4. HI Cate
    Love these maps. Great for any child [or adult hehe]. Love anything that inspires travel. Have a great week. x Julie

  5. What a beautiful post ! I love your blog, thank you so much for sharing it, & hello ! It's lovely to meet you

  6. The map look is so fantastic. And I love how many ways you can switch it up. Brilliant. :)

  7. love those rooms decorated around maps- great ideas a s I am about to design another home on Marthas Vineyard...

  8. I love the map look for boys or girls!! So French Riveria looking:)

  9. Hi, Jacqueline sent me a link to your blog as I just did a similar post on mine. Anyway I am glad to have discovered you, your blog is lovely :)


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