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Thursday, September 17, 2009

it feels like christmas

Who needs to wait...I have spent the past week opening boxes

box after box...after every box is something special ~ something special which I have collected over the past year, getting ready for this moment ~ so for me Christmas is here now and I cannot wipe the smile from my I dance around the house placing everything in its perfect place !!!

oxo Cate ~ ho! ho! ho!

P.S promise to have photos is still not working !!!***


  1. Cate, you are a licky girl as mine is still in boxes and has been like that since I left Dubai 18 months ago. Hopefully it will not be long before I am opening my boxes......

    L x

    ps cannot wait to see the photos!

  2. Can't wait to see photos and am very happy for you that you are finally getting to open those boxes :)

    By the way Cate, I left you a mention on my blog.....see "Those Marvellous Girls Down Under"!! :)

  3. What a happy time you're having, love to see the results. Enjoy!

  4. Oh Cate... enjoy! We were exactly the same... new stuff in storage for months, some hubby had no idea about. It WAS like Christmas! Can't wait to see your gorgeous place! A-M xx

  5. looking forward to seeing it all finished!

  6. Oh how totally exciting, so happy for you.

  7. I think that you are teasing us, Cate. I want to see inside those boxes. Hurry up and get your camera fixed !!!!XXXX

  8. Hurry hurry hurry UP!! I'm with Jackie, I think your teasing us and I can't wait any longer!!


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