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Monday, September 21, 2009

my new iphone

I have a new iphone and even though in the past a phone is a phone is a phone! I have to admit I love my new iphone...I have never been a 'techo nut', far from it but I am having a lot of fun exploring all the 'apps' & my son thinks it's sick!!!( oh I hate that word)
the best part is I will need a new cover for the iphone ~ so I have been checking out my options

a little but to 'Paris Hilton' for me...

oxo Cate

p.s I have taken photos of 'the Reno' with new iphone but I need help sync-ing (is that a word ?) them into my computer..any ideas ?

(1) apple iphone (2) Louis Vuitton


  1. Fantastic new phone Cate...Don't ask me what case to get. What do I know. I just shove mine in my bag and it gets all scratched, so I know nothing !!!!Don't you just have to plug it into the computer and they upload ? Hope you work it out 'cos I want to see your renovations.XXXX

  2. Hi Cate, I too have a new iphone which I've been lusting over for quite some time. It is fantastic but yes, more decisions on cases. I went really boring and really practical as I'm worried the beautiful thing will get a scratch or dent. It's opened up a whole new world .....and language.

  3. Oh great iphone! Try Jac's idea, I'm looking forward to photo's too.

  4. Believe it or not, the iphone was my first cellphone in 10 years! I refused to have one, and then when I started my own business, I figured it was time. Now, I can't believe I waited so long - I love the iphone and all its amazing features. My life is so much easier!

  5. I know very little about phones - I just have the easiest one possible - but that IPhone does look very cool!

    Can't wait to see pics! :)-

  6. Hi Cate
    Like you I'm just discovering the joys of my new i-phone. I used to think my husband was nuts because he was attached to his permanently it seemed, but now I can see why! I'm a bit nervous about the sync-ing thing too! The first time I did it I literally did sink, because the whole thing crashed.
    Anyway - thanks for discovering my blog, and I look forward to keeping up with yours too!


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