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Monday, October 26, 2009

2 old Chandeleirs

how much would 2 Chandeliers be worth ~ they are approx 20 years old ?

Chandelier 1

Chandelier 2

These poor neglected Chandeliers have been decorating my children's play room for the past 5 years...they were in perfect condition back then but are now missing a few bits....I can image with a dust they would be very beautiful and shiny. We inherited them when we brought the house & I know the previous owners would have spent a bit on what would they be worth now??? I am going to post them on e-buy but I really have know idea of how much they are worth ..any ideas ??

oxo Cate


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  2. Cate, suggest that you see if there are any similar looking ones on ebay then put a price on them.

    L x

  3. I'm with L... not sure what these are worth in Aussie and don't take the French market as a good indication either. Look local in your estimations. It takes HOURS to wrap these up so the crystals won't break if you want to post it so get a decent estimate for the postage costs as well!

  4. We bought a lovely old Italian one about 3years ago from La Bella Rossa in Napier, (NZ) We looked at several and they ranged from $900 to $1400. We had to have ours rewired which cost about $250. I agree with Ange, do a bit of research first.

  5. J'adore chandeliers they make any room FAB!!! Those are beautiful!

  6. Thank you great ideas!!!

    :) Cate


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