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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

love my Chairs

I'm in love with these Chairs, then I found the matching bed... heaven...they now all live in the Master Bedroom ( just not MY Master Bedroom)

this is a better colour of the carpet

We had the professional photographs here the other about precious. I think the fact I had to asked them to come back a second time because the first photos ...well... you no!!!**any way, they are better but I don't think I will be using this Company again. These creative types can be a little bit testy & what would I know I am only the client...

oxo Cate ~ say cheese !


  1. Fabulous did make me laugh....I thought they were yours!!! We can both be envious together :)

    And your Great Room looks AMAZING.....nice work, very nice!!!

  2. Gorgeous love the chairs and the colour of the carpet is tres belle.

    Leeann x

  3. Oh Cate, I'm IN LOVE with your chairs !!!! They are wonderful and I realy love the cushions. Are they from anywhere special ? It all looks fantastic. XXXX

  4. So perfect and so gloriously YOU!
    Sandy linen...

  5. So Gorgeous Cate

    I think I remember wanting to steal these away from you when you first found them. How difficult it must be to know you cannot squirrel them away home.. boo hoo

    It is all gorgeous of course.. funny about the photographers.. I'll send my brother up!! haha

    Take care xx Julie

  6. hi there
    loving your blog...
    just letting you know that you've been awarded a 'lovely blog award'...
    you can check out all the details here..
    best wishes

  7. Oh that is so funny with the photograher! Love the chair, gorgeous.

  8. well they are really nice, had me going there.

    I love your blog..
    I started Workspace Wednesdays, come check it out..


  9. Just found your blog so glad I did. Another Queenslander with great style. Sandy

  10. I love those chairs too...have a look at my blog! I am only very new to blogging and am already an avid follower of your beautiful blog. Best wishes, NM


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