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Friday, October 9, 2009

I need a LONG HOT shower ! !

Oh...the weekend & even though this is were I would love to be ... I have a weekend full of 'open-houses', coffee & dinner with friends, I desperately need a cut OH !!! that reminds me...I still need to book the appointment, , clean 'The Boat House' ready for the open houses & clean My poor house ~ My house & I have come to an arrangement, I 'll stop saying we are going to demolish it & it will stop braking down on me!!! the hot water system blew up last week & Mr LSH is refusing to fix it !!! so I'm juggling showers between Gym & my Mums...HA! HA!.... just looking for the light at the end of the tunnel...

Have a wonderful long hot shower for me & a happy weekend

oxo Cate

p.s Just so you know...we can still have hot showers at home just really fast ones...


  1. Poor Cate, its awful not being able to have long hot showers, you don't realise how hugely important, until you are restricted.

  2. Oh darling sounds a bit hellish at the moment! The shower thing is not good.

    The picture is quite divine, I'll join you :)

  3. That photograph is utopia ....the perfect spot for a bit of R&R.
    Have a QUICK shower, Cate and daydream of hammocks and sea and sand and hot sunny days. xxxx

  4. I feel as though my house is falling down around me too. Maybe I need to make an agreement with it too - although secretly, now that we've fixed the hot water problem, I'm hoping the other breakdowns will spur my husband into some overdue action! Happy weekend.

  5. Hi Cate
    I love your arrangement with your house!! Just perfect! Fast showers? OH no.. you need to visit your mum's I would say for a long hot bath!! Have a great weekend x Julie

  6. hope you are enjoying your beautiful Boat house- so beautiful..


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