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Thursday, April 2, 2009

cement, sand & rain

me...watching my new slab being poured (not really)

Who would have believed the day when I am having a slab poured for the new Office extension it decides to rain, a light shower at first then buckets and buckets, all day!!...thank goodness I payed someone else for the privilege to be cold and wet...
xox Cate


  1. Oh no! It rained here all day too! At least it's cooler than it has been this last week, but I bet it would have been freezing out pouring cement!

  2. The bright side is I might get to wear my cute new winter dress which is still hanging in my cupboard.

  3. It is always the way! When I was living in Mumbai the monsoons were amazing, it is as though someone continuously threw bakets of water down from the sky. Thought that I would never see anything like it then I came to France, boy does it rain and it is not that warm rain that you get in Qld it is cold! Liquid sunshine, there is nothing quite like it.......

    L x


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