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Friday, April 17, 2009

How to make Fairy Bread

We are having a baking day we ( my children and neighbourhood children) are busy writing out the shopping list for all the yummy ingredients we are going to need for baking. My little boy is going to make fairy bread and he said this is all you need...'bread, butter and fairies.' (I sure he meant hundreds and thousands but the fairies would taste much sweeter.) This was one of those special moments why I love being a Mum...

have a wonderful weekend...oxo Cate


  1. How special! These days are the most treasured moments of motherhood... My littlest one wrapped me in a warm bathrobe today right out of the dryer... I asked, what are you doing? she said mom, this is what you used to do for me when I was little and it was always so special. I remembered and was so touched by her doing it back to me today. I felt so loved.

  2. Very very cute - my son told me last night that he couldn't eat his corn on the cob cause it had bones in it!
    I love the way their little minds work... hope they enjoyed the fairy bread.

  3. Hi Cate!
    Thanks for visiting my blog bella! - Ella and Baba is beautiful. And you so can't go past fairy bread..... at any age! - I recently turned 30 and spent it with some of my best friends who now all live in Melbourne - staple piece to my birthday recovery dinner (we had gone out the night before) - fairy bread! xx


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