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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tile Time

the colour is the most beautiful aqua and glass

It is time to start looking around for tiles for The Reno and the first place to start in Brisbane is 'elite bathware and tiles' in East Brisbane, they have the most spectacular range of tiles. I have fallen deeply in love with the tiles above, the photos donot do any justice to just how beautiful these tiles really are. They are from the Italian Company and it is worth a visit to their web site.
oxo Cate


  1. I love the tiles in the 2nd photo, I must have a look at their website.

    L x

  2. Oh they're gorgeous!!! Elite was my first port of call 18 months ago! I have since moved on to the tile houses down Capalaba way! Had to shuffle my 'champagne tile taste budget' into other areas! I am hoping my fancy bathroom mirrors will bedazzle and no-one will look down at the 'affordable' tiles on the floor! A-M xx

  3. The aqua and glass look like water... just our love!! Beautiful finds!


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