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Friday, April 17, 2009

Navy & White ??!!

I still must be in holiday mode because these beautiful pictures remind me of a Beach House in the Bahama's and not the Navy and White colour theme I am working on for the Great Room in the Reno !! I do love the burst of colour. Oh NO...Do I rethink my whole colour scheme ?
xox Cate


  1. don't you hate think you have it all worked out and then you see soemthing else you like!

  2. No you should stick with what you originally planned, you can use this one next time.

    Bonne weekend

    L x

  3. wow, these are so calming! i LOVE these colors together! beautiful! That is EXACTLY why I am getting white couches so that I can just switch out all my accessories as my mind drifts to other colors!

  4. This is a beautiful home...I think the designer is Phoebe Howard.


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