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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

..and a box of tissues

if you are looking for me....I am here wrapped up in my favourite blanket with a hot cup of Tea, watching chic flicks by the fire, oh and by the way I have a cold :( Its the wet season in Queensland so it hasn't stopped wonderful husband has been looking after the kids and doing the school ran, he even made dinner and washed up last night...anyway...I'm going back to my movie, the sofa and my box of tissues...
oxo Cate a-choo !!!


  1. Bless you Cate
    Looks like a vacation up north will not be on the cards... Hope you feel better soon.. xx Julie

  2. Oh, no! I hope you feel better soon! Having a cold is the absolute worst.

  3. Oh Cate,
    Poor you.
    Keep warm and have some of those cakes from your last post !! Get well soon. XXXX

  4. Oh me too. I'm crook too. The rain is making me depressed now. I'm ready for it to stop. Now. Dams are full. Just stop. Hope you're feeling better soon! A-M xx

  5. Hope you're feeling better soon Cate. Am so pleased your husband is looking after you. Enjoy the chic-flicks!

  6. Hope that you are feeling better soon Cate. What a lovely husband you have, I adore being looked after

    Leeann x

  7. Hope you're feeling better soon.
    Don't forget to eat dessert--it always helps.
    By the way, I just caught up with your last post---I had no idea I was so wonderful---thanks for the fun post!

  8. Snuggle up and enjoy being made a fuss of, and get better soon.

  9. I was sick several weeks ago...hated it....hope you are better soon...smiles.

  10. What a wonderful husband you have. Feel better.


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