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Thursday, March 18, 2010

new coverplates...

I never thought I would ever blog about power points but I have to share this clever ideas from HPM. I would normally just paint over the coverplate when I paint a feature wall but HPM have gone one better and designed the Linea range of rainbow-hued switches and power points.

in my world this is a great idea...oxo Cate


  1. Doubling up on my comment I left back for you on my blog, just in and doors = Woodworkers... cedar... best quote out of 5 too. Great team to work with (ask for Irish Brian)...totally understood what I wanted and very accommodating. Did as many stock designs as possible but very flexible with the custom designs. A-M xx PS Love the power points... I totally get where you're coming from... hey I even get excited about the concrete post you did a while back... studying concrete and aggregates as we speak actually... fascinating! Got my induction card the other day, can't wait to get on site! A-M xx

  2. Such a great idea Cate. I always find that white sticks out like a sore toe and paint doesn't really cover professionally enough.

  3. I'm with Amanda - paint isn't as easily cleanable either as if you scratch it you see the white underneath. So there you have it - people all around the world are excited about power points - that's why these guys are going to make lots of money! xx

  4. Impressive....thank you! smiles.


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