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Friday, March 5, 2010

i am going out to buy a Jeep this weekend




well the plan was to do my Friday post about my concrete stairs being installed in my new house but I think that can wait until Monday now..... dustjacket attic totally destracted me with the most gorgeous post on Eric Bana... OH and a model..Gisele Bundchen.he! he! she's GORGEOUS TOO!

how can you not Swoon over these fab pictures...
you too can look this cool..its simple

1. buy a Jeep must be dark green ( British racing green ~ Mr LSH tells me) & Bio-Diesel remember to be kind to our planet...

2. leg extension ( extra long)

3. spray tan

4. hair extensions

5. last ~ but by no means lest a bit of 'tweaking' by plastic surgeon

have a weekend full of smiles...oxo Cate Bundchen the 2nd

you can go to dustjacketattic for more.... c u there


  1. Oh you crack me up....I'm with you girl on the BIG writing for Eric and little for Gisele. Since we all know who we are totally eyeing off.

    Thanks honey for the linklove, happy weekend :)

  2. yes, to look like that that is a freak a nature, but we can certainly admire!



  3. What a fabulous weekend plan. If #2 works out for you, please let me know.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I know Cate - how does she look so effortlessly gorgeous? I too would be interested in a leg extension, but fear I need a lot more than mere 'tweaking' else where! Happy weekend xx

  5. Dear Cate,
    I just loved these when I saw them over at DJA.
    I was talking to my friend about them yesterday saying how fantastic Giselle looks. The perfect body, I think. Slim but healthy looking.
    I love those floaty dresses with the combat boots. I think that I'll go and get mine out although, I don't think that I will look QUITE as good as Giselle !! haha. XXXX


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