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Friday, July 31, 2009

i LOVE weekends

thank goodness the weekend is here....I am going to sleep in ( my favorite thing) , read, clean my poor house ( my lest favorite thing) and enjoy this beautiful winter weather....(in Queensland we have the perfect winters.)

What a crazy week I been having, the Reno has been given a completion date so its all hands on deck. All those loose ends that have been piling up quietly in the corner all need to be completed, all of a sudden everyone wants everything NOW!!!! So the Plumbers, Painters, Electricians, Tilers and Me are all working hard to finish... especially Me (ha! ha!) because everything styling wise is either out of stock or not here until late September which is to late can be soo tiring.
Relax with me over this beautiful weekend...
oxo Cate


  1. HI Cate.. I have 4 days off.. bank holiday monday and I swindled today off also. I had my sleep in this morning!! ohhhh so overdue and also overdue the housework too... Gorgeous pics... i think we should lay around on the sunlounges... don't you?

  2. Hi Julie I LOVE your plan!! do you think we could find someone to do the housework and bring us cups of tea all morning???

  3. Hello Cate, totally agree about the cleaning part and the styling part! I hate it when Mr FF says that is all the building work finished its now over to you to do your bit!
    He thinks that the interior part is so easy, but it is not especially here as they hold no stock in France so it is a matter of buying it when you see it!
    Have a great weekend,

    Leeann x

  4. I want to be in your first picture....oh, hang on a minute , I'm off to Italy in a couple of days where it's 90F...and looks a bit ( I said a bit...don't think our hotel will be as swanky as that!!) like that so if I don't comment for a while that's why !!!! Catch you later. Don't work too hard He He XXXX

  5. Oh that first picture is so dreamy, I could stay there all day long.

    Sounds like you have your hands full with the reno!

    I just saw your sweet pic on my sidebar, big welcome to "the attic".

    take care,

  6. Cate~
    My husband just said no wonder people say "Thank God it's Friday"!! Your weekend sounds perfect to me. Have a restful one and stay warm~

  7. What a beautiful spot you've it! Lylah

  8. have a relaxing weekend, I shall be joining you x

  9. me too, and love the first picture

  10. Oh Cate, I just adore your blog! I love this photo of the clocks - something I can never have too many of - vintage clocks. I also find it so interesting that while you are enjoying your cozy winter months, we are in the blazing sunshine. And, as always, I am envious of you. The grass is definitely always greener~

  11. Stumbled across your blog and loved it! Nice pics...:)


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