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Saturday, July 4, 2009

its official

That's it...I am officially on holidays!!!

Did you guess my Holiday ? I am going to New Zealand skiing for my Winter holidays. Queenstown is in the South Island and is the Idyllic Ski Village. There has been piles and piles of snow...Now, if only I can just decide what to pack ( do you think 4 pairs of gorgeous boots are too much to take?) I plan to ski, eat pizza (completely guilt free...Not that I normally do!!) and try some of the yummy Kiwi Beers ...

Oh and definitely Champagne...
See you in a couple of weeks..stay safe & Happy:)
xox Cate ~ snow bunny.


  1. Dearest Cate~
    Have a great time and fun on the mountain tops! Watch for the snow's like magic! AND make some blue snow cones! Be careful too~ stay warm and stay cool too:)

  2. Have a great holiday Cate. We will miss you around here!! Julie

  3. Bon voyage et bon vacance.

    I am envious......and my guess was correct :-)

    Leeann x

  4. Yes, yes.. Bon Voyage.
    Have a great time in NZ..
    I can imgine how envious Leeann is (smile).

    Happy Vacation!!
    Julie x

  5. Bring your woollies, is is a bit chilly here in NZ at the moment!!

    Love your blog.

    Julie and poppy Q

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  7. Have a great time, would love to go skiing aswell it's my favourite holiday:-)
    Miss NZ everyday, love it.


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