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Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Kitchen ~ the beginning

There is the beginning of my beautiful kitchen , the installers are hiding around the corner, what is it with men and not wanting to be in the picture?

at this angle you can see my magazine rack and there will be a t.v above it. The walls look very green this is definitely due to my poor camera skills not my poor paint selection.

I had to show you my mirrors in the Master ensuite. I love the nifty medicine shelves hiding behind the mirrors

this is the cabinet I had made for the Theatre room, the wall colour in here will be a dark latte including the carpet....there, I hope you have enjoyed my small tour! This is the best part of any project you finally get to see all your hard work, ideas and designs coming together... arg!!!

I am off to Sydney or rather its Southern Highlands for the weekend to catch up with some it is going to be a very busy weekend and very cold...cannot wait

Have a fun weekend too!!!

oxo Cate


  1. Cate, love that mirror with the hidden shelves - I will have to remember this for the next bathroom project.

    A cold weekend sounds great, here it is still very hot!

    Bon weekend

    Leeann x

  2. SOO glad you are back. I missed you! :) The kitchen is beautiful, all of it, the cabinets in the bathroom are so clever. I actually was about to ask you what shade of mint green that was because it looks beautiful. I liked it! :)

  3. Your kitchen is going to be gorgeous!!!!

  4. I want it to be my kitchen!!!!....I'm very envious , it looks great and this is the good bit ,when it all comes together. Can we have photos when it's completely finished please ? xxxx

  5. Hi Cate! I just discovered you and what an awesome discovery!! Love the blog, it's one of my favs now. Can't wait to see the result of your renovations!!

  6. Hi Cate. I've always loved those hidden medicine cabinets. Your kitchen has great bones!

  7. Looking good girl! Maybe if I go away, something magical will happen at my place too re the renos. Yeah & pigs will fly!
    Millie ^_^

  8. Cate~
    You are so inspiring. I can't wait to see the kitchen complete. The green doesn't look too dark. LOVE IT SO FAR!!

  9. Hi - just found your blog and love it. Especially love the bathroom vanity - am about to start doing a new bathroom and will use yours as inspiration. I was wanting a "Sex & the City" style bathroom - white long wall tiles, they might be called railway, then octagonal floor tiles, hidden bathroom cabinet and wonderful cabinetry - just like Carrie's in SATC. Not sure if I should take the tiles to the ceiling, or mid way like Carries – I think ceiling.
    I look forward to more inspiration from you.

  10. Great photos. It's looking fantastic. Hope you had a nice weekend.


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