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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Awe-summ Award

Thank you ! Thank you.. yes I do feel like I have won an Oscar!!!

Thank you Fabulously French for this Fabulous Award...
The rules are - I have to share 7 things that make me Awe-summ ...ARG...

1. I am a very positive person...
2. I do not believe in Jealousy - definitely a waste of time...
3. I believe in Miracles...
4. I still adore my Husband after 17 years of Marriage( I am a child Bride! hehe!)
5. I believe in Karma...
6. I love being a Mum...this is the best jop I have ever had!
7. I will always over prepare (yes I am a perfectionist) but then I can go with the flow.

Wow...I feel like I have just had a great therapy session !!!Now I have to pass on this award to 7 bloggers who I think are Awe-summ.

1. Fabulously French - because I think Leeann is Fabulous.

2. French Blue - this is one of the most Divine blogs in Blogland.

3. VT Interiors - her interior designs are always chic & stylish - I would let Vera style my house
4. la maison sur la colline - Very talented & a beautiful Artist!

5. Sa- Sea Boutique - what she can whip up on her sewing machine is fantastic.

6. Caroline's Passions - A Glamorous Blog.

7. Diary of a Steel Magnolia - This gorgeous chic young Mum has a heart of GOLD.

I am fairly new to the Blogworld and continuously come across wonderful blogs. I have found the whole blogging experience to be so Positive, everyone so Inspiring and I totally enjoy reading all your beautiful post... I just love blogging!!!
xox Cate

the small print
: make sure to tag your recipients & let them know they have won!
: and finally link back to the blogger that tagged you.
I am having a problem tagging everyone will need to work on this in the morning..Sorry


  1. Congratulations! You so deserve this.. You are my favourite blog for getting my 'blue' fix!

  2. Thank you Julie, you are wonderful!!

  3. You are SOOO sweet, Cate. I am sorry I haven't been around much - baby just dropped one of her naps so my computer time is majorly limited! But you just made my night. Thank you! :)

  4. Thank you Cate! You so deserve this!!! I am new too to blogland as well. So thank you for thinking FrenchBlue is the most divine in blog land:) I am so flattered~ I admire your style and love your blog! Congratulations!!! Let's celebrate together!!

  5. Thank You Cate so much. You are to kind.I am so glad I've found your blog.
    If I could be any help just let me know.
    Have a wonderful weekend .

  6. Thank you for these beautiful replies, this is the reason why you are my favourite blogs:)
    x Cate


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