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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wonderful Kitchen Renovation

in the beginning...


Is 'nt this a Wonderful Kitchen Renovation and it has been done on a very small budget! As a Renovator I really admire people with great natural talent, it just goes to show style and chic doesn't come at a price!!! Thank you Erin at Rare and Beautiful Treasures for sharing this Wonderful Post and gifted Mum...
oxo Cate


  1. Alyssa's blog is one of my very favorites! I, too, was stunned by her kitchen facelift. She did a fantastic job. But her whole house is like that. She can make something beautiful and extraordinary out of basic elements. Thanks for sharing!
    Thanks too for your sweet comments! In this economy it feels wise to just work with what we have. :)

  2. Cate,
    Tell me if I'm weird...but I love the before picture..and the after.. but love the color of those before cabinets... robin egg blue?

  3. I know...I would love to have a blue egg blue kitchen...


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