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Friday, May 22, 2009

sing as you clean...

Can you guess what I am doing this weekend??? I have farmed the Family out for the day and have Saturday all to myself and while I would love to go shopping, I am feeling completely guilty over the state of my poor House. So I think I will put on my favourite CD, daggy housework clothes and Clean my heart out...(unless I get a coffee invitation...hehe!)
oxo Cate


  1. Cate,
    I would clean everyday if I had that cute feather duster! I LOVE cleaning house... it is relaxing and it is my therapy...especially Windex:)
    Have fun!!

  2. Cate, I love the photo! As for the cleaning if I have french homework to do I tend to put it off and clean the house....

    Happy cleaning

    L x

  3. You can come clean my house!! I'll keep you going with lots of coffee!! Nice chandelier!

  4. I'm keeping you company. A weekend of cleaning an old house, a week of cleaning a new house. I just wish I hadn't done a personal training session the day before I started... I can hardly walk today! Good days work yesterday... so proud of the job I did on the stove... the new owners are going to LOVE me! Enjoy your housework. You are not alone! A-M xx

  5. I did the same and actually it wasn't so bad!
    Have a great week


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