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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Opera in the Vineyard

this is the view...Opera at sunset

this is were the men...well...

this is were we all stayed...
I feel very blessed to have spent my long weekend in such a beautiful place, surrounded by beautiful friends and enjoying beautiful music. Opera in the Vineyard has become a tradition for the Ballandean Estate Wines in Stanthorpe for the last 17 years and if you ever have the opportunity to go, it is worth the 3.5 drive from Brisbane, a small hangover and 6 loads of unwashable washing!!!(see earlier post)
oxo Cate

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  1. It looks stunning, it is ironic really we have lots of vineyards around us and yet no concerts, I think that this is something that would do well here. maybe I will look into this one the renovation is finished LOL
    L x


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