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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Linea Board

the ugly ducking is slowly evolving into a swan

this is the detail I am using in the gabbles and around the feature window

I love using Linea Board it is a great product and I think it gives The Reno more character. It is so nice to be finally building and know longer demolishing.
oxo Cate

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  1. Hi Cate, thank you for visiting my blog - I'm delighted it felt like a visit to the country. I just checked out your 'opera' post and some of the surrounds in this area are quite similiar. I think your Mother's Day ambitions are sensational!! I think I might send my hubby a link to your blog, I'd better make it quick though, LOL. Lovely to meet another mother of a doggy who is loveable despite shoe eating. We're okay in that department but he LOVES socks...hmmm, wonder who started him on that fettish. I'm going to subscribe to your blog and get some inspiration with all of your 'housework'! Fab to meet you, cheers, Suzy;)


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